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Wednesday , April 23 , 2003

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Angela's Blurb

0_o whoa!!!! Another random update!!! XD

*swt* Well, yeah....this isn't a very realistic comic....in fact its downright silly. ^______^;;; Even though its not really a story or really doesn't have a plot. Please be kind and not yell at me. ^____^ Thank Lina for bringing my clipboard upstairs or I would have never ever scanned this picture in. >_> Getting a bit lazy here....*swt*

XD Weeeeell, comic drawing is going....okay? -_- Stressrelief is still put on hiatus for a very long while, but Tomaki is getting there. XD Nami manga should have a new page by this weekend (not to mention a wonderful piece of fanart I just never seemed to have gotten up), and I should be done w/ the 3rd page of Kurotenshi. >_< yesterday was all math study though, I have a test today. *falls over and dies* Lina and I are both very very dead. In fact, we're going early to school to ask the math teacher a lot of questions. ^___^ Poor Lina, she has to wake up really early now.

Yeah....well, gotta go now! ^____________^v

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Samantha's Blurb

Ragnarok... Ragnarok... yes.. its taken our lives. No other way to explain it. *sighs* Deeply sorry folks, I really am... ~_~ but I was caught off guard by Ragnarok, a game that has stolen the souls of so many, as many Online RPGs do. If it makes u feel any better, Angela's devoting herself to cutting it out for as long as she needs. And I'll be doing that too once we're ready to get rolling. Comics should be coming very soon! And I smell another style change on my part @_@;;; but who knows, keeps it interesting, right?


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